El Nacimiento de Maro

When we were given a basket of freshly picked fruit and vegetables this morning (what a treat), a very generous gift for us from our neighbours` campo land here in the village, it made me think about how fortunate we are to be surrounded by fields of plenty. But in a hot , dry country like Spain , we need water. And that is why El Nacimiento de Maro is everything to the village.

Nacimiento means `birth`, and this is also the source of the famous Maro waterfall -Cascada Grande de Maro, that springs forth from the cliffs to a 15 metre fall to meet the sea below with an amazing impact, which is best viewed from the sea .

Much more importantly , this natural spring is the source of water to feed and nourish the campo land in Maro, and it is carefully irrigated and channelled into streams to the individual plots of farmland, which are leased from the Larios ( Gin) family, who own the land around the village.

Fresh, clean water is a joy and a privilege, and indeed hundreds of people enjoy visiting the `source` as an almost pilgrimage.

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