Feliz San Isidro

Another day, another Fiesta. Well we are in Spain.

Normally, (although nothing is normal at the moment), today would be a celebration of the Festival of San Isidro. An important date in the diary, especially here in Maro, where it is one of the villages most important festivals. Its loss will be felt deeply.

San Isidro is the patron saint of farmers and labourers, and it is a fantastic , colourful day with all the women wearing vibrant, flamenco dresses, and the men dressed in their finest, traditional clothes with wide brimmed hats. It’s a picture that shouts Spain.

The day revolves around the local farmers giving thanks to San Isidro and asking for good fortune for the year to come. Usually there is Mass held in the church of El Salvador in nearby Nerja, with offerings of food and flowers to the saint. Then the amazing procession of Romeria de San Isidro begins. The statue of the saint is put on a simple cart strewn with colourful flowers, and pulled by oxen to Maro (near the famed caves), to the Hermitage of San Isidro.

It is accompanied by hundreds of people, with their horses, tractors and oxen, all beautifully decorated for the occasion; and takes about three to four hours. Then of course the open air partying starts. And the Spanish sure know how to party, and this would go on until the early hours.

This year, given the inability to celebrate the traditional Romeria, the Mass is being shown on television , and people are being encouraged to dress up in their own homes . Ole!

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