Going Grey

The vogue for grey is still very much to the fore, and you can see why: its calm, cool, sophisticated, and looks just fabulous with white. Having just walked round Maro, I have noticed that amongst the plethora of blue doors, (including our turquoise one), the various shades of grey are creeping in, and they look great. When we last visited Frigiliana, ( another white village , fifteen minutes drive away,) I saw grey doors everywhere.

 Even in a tiny, very traditional village , style matters. The younger generation are upgrading tired village houses, and many are being reformed into whizzy contemporary spaces, available to rent. This is giving the place a lift, they look smart and interesting, and it`s bringing life back to what could become a dying village, as gone are the days when children automatically inherited and then lived in their parents` house, working in the village. The houses are becoming slightly more eclectic in style, but it`s still very much a white ( with a touch of grey), Spanish village.

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