Blooming Gorgeous

I have to share these photographs taken just now on our walk around the village. It was still very hot, and the sea and mountain views were gorgeous. But most of all the vibrant bougainvillea in the village square is looking absolutely stunning. It`s bountiful, like a year round fiesta! Very apt as we are in Spain!

There are at least three different colours growing up and over the white pergolas in the square, (with the church one side and the road down to the beach the other), all vying for attention ,as they flower profusely in the hot sun, (which they love).They have gone mad in the last week ,with temperatures here soaring way over 30 degrees. The more heat and less water, the more the paper like flowers bloom, so we are being treated to a positive cornucopia of shocking pink, fuschia , purple and a sun-setty orangey coral.

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