Swimming Pool Season

Now that the exteme rules of lockdown here are being eased somewhat, the atmosphere of the village is changing. It has remained very upbeat in the face of adversity, with neighbourly gestures of food and produce sharing, our nightly clapping , calling across the street to friends ,waving away to those hidden behind windows, and the playing of music-from the National and Maro anthem, to the now famed Resistire and Flamenco. The clapping has stopped.

In our hearts we are still doing it of course, but now we are walking! Breathing in the herb filled air from the campo, the ozone and breeziness from the sea-so near yet so far, and there is a new era dawning. Slowly but surely. We are chatting to each other again as we meet on our walks.

We are still giving and receiving foodie gifts, we have just had yet more lemons, a bowl of freshly laid eggs and a bough of bay leaves ( now picked off and layered in a kilner jar).

But the sounds in the village have changed. We are having the most incredible heat wave. May is always a glorious month in Spain, but it is over 30 degrees every day at the moment, so all we can hear are shrieks and splashes from the various swimming pools tucked behind the traditional white facades of the village houses. It is joyous. A happy sound. I love it.

Maro is coming alive again. We can hear children playing , the clink of glasses and a whiff of barbecue in the sultry evenings, as people are eating outside. Even the birds are chirruping more loudly. Most of all, we can hear laughter. The best cure of all.

And on another note, great excitement, as I have both a hair and beauty salon appointment next week. Standards must be kept up! Oh, and I am proud to report that I have , so far, read 18 books!

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