The Way We Were

Yesterday heralded a new beginning here. It was the first day for seven whole weeks, that we were allowed to go for a walk. Actually go out of the house legitimately just for the pleasure of it. Only an hour mind you, within the vicinity of your house, (that`s just here in the village for us), and within an odd window of time. 6am-10am or 8pm-11pm.

I am not particularly happy about the timings, but it`s a start I guess. We had to squeeze our walk in after face time with friends , after clapping on the doorstep, (for the last time last night, after 48 times!), and cooking supper. And truth be told, I would much rather have been able to go to the beach and run into the sea, but I know that will happen in a few weeks, if all goes to plan.

It had been the hottest day I can almost remember here. We had our huge parasol up over the table for breakfast, it was too hot to walk barefoot on the terrace, the pool steps were frying and too hot to handle ,and as the temperature soared, I saw that the lizards were back, darting up an down the sun baked ,white walls. A sure sign that it was hot, hot, hot.

So at 8 pm , still in stifling heat, we opened the door with smiling faces, and walked down the slope of Calle Real , the few steps to the village square and the bar, (all shuttered and closed for now, but not for long), and gazed at the sea.

As we walked , laughing together, marveling at how strange it was, I was reminded of the lyrics of song The way we were,

Oh why does it seem the past is always better, we look back and think, the winters were warmer, the grass was greener, the skies were bluer and smiles were bright....

Well, it rang true, the sky was bluer, the sea was calmer , the shocking pink of the bougainvillea was more shocking, the winding empty streets with their white houses were prettier and whiter, and the views across the campo to the sea ,were more stunning. The village of Maro never looked better!

I look forward to much more of it all.

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