Dia Del Cruz y Dia De las Madres

A double celebration here in Maro.

Dia del Cruz, (Day of the Cross), is the 3rd of May, another auspicious day for a fiesta of thanks, that the Spanish cannot celebrate with their usual reverence and gusto.

But it is also Mothers Day here too. Very important ! This is held on the first Sunday of May, so the two do not always fall together.

Dia del Cruz is probably one of the most interesting festivals ( the largest of which is held in Cordoba), not only today, but in historical terms. Legend has it that St Constantines mother, the much venerated St Helen, is the founder of this festival, which shows special respect for the cross upon which Jesus was crucified.

The Cross can be plain, or decorated with flowers, usually red , pink or white, and further enhanced by more flowers in pots carefully arranged to compliment the cross.

Here is the one that can be seen in our village square today. Precioso como siempre!

Feliz dia de las madres!

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