Life is a bowl of…

It`s May, its May, the lusty month of May… or so says the song from Camelot. And life may not always be the proverbial bowl of cherries, but today it is. Literally.

My husband came back from the village shop with my most favourite fruit ever today, freshly picked, locally grown cherries. I adore them! I think it goes back to when I was a little girl, and I can remember sitting on the lawn of our house in Buckinghamshire with a brown paper bag full of them, cherry juice running down my face. My mother showed me how to drape the double ones over my ears; maybe that`s where my love of large earrings came from!

What I love here in Spain, is that we tend to eat what is in season, much more than we do in the UK, where people demand to be able to buy strawberries and asparagus all year. I think that you look forward to the different fruit and vegetables , when you know they are only available for a limited period of time.

So now it is cherries. I love anything cherry! Cherry pie, cherry jam, cherries in crumble, cherries with duck, cherry yoghurt, but most of all, cherry ice cream.

There is a heladeria opposite Bambu (on the beach), in La Herradura, that sells the most scrumptious ice creams, including a divine creamy yoghurt one that is studded with whole cherries,and streaked through with luscious cherry puree. I want one now!

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