Only in Maro. How I love this village. I received a WhatsApp message yesterday evening from Anamari, telling me to head to the front door. Just along the street , a few doors from our house, live Antonio and his wife. Antonio had his 83rd birthday yesterday.He is pretty much house bound (even outside of lock down), with a bad knee, he occasionally struggles down to the Balcon bar mid-morning for a glass of vino, but usually he sits in his bedroom at the front of his house all day, watching his beloved football on the TV.

But last night was a treat. The local police pulled up outside his house ( two large trucks with flashing lights and a tannoy ,piping music down Calle Real. The three police (two men and one woman), then stood outside Antonio`s room; by now his shutters and the windows were open, and the doors of the other houses in the village street flung open too to witness this spectacle… the police then sang Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday).

All very jolly, much appreciated and very moving.

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