We bought our house here in Maro four years ago. It had been on and off the market for a few years, and empty for a few more. It needed work , but mainly decorative, and repairing and replacing things that had been neglected such as the swimming pool skimmers , the dishwasher, electrics etc. We added new blue and white tiles on the front of the house and in the bathrooms, a pergola on the roof terrace and took up the grass around the pool.

We love bright, white open plan spaces, and this is why this house was perfect for us. Coupled with the fact that it was slap bang in the middle of a lovely, unspoilt, very Spanish village near the sea.

The original house been pulled down twenty years ago to be reformed, and Hector Sequero, an excellent architect from Nerja ( known for his simple white contemporary spaces) redesigned it, but copied the original facade ,so from the outside it looks like it always had done. In the black and white photo below, you will see one of the owners and his two sons,(photographed outside our house in 1962, we still have the original heavy, studded front door which we have since painted turquoise). Like most of the houses in this rural village, animals such as donkeys, mules, and chickens were kept in the back yard and it was the same here. We now have terraces and a pool, but I love hearing about how the houses in our street used to be.

The Spanish like their houses to be dark and cool inside -respite from the blinding , hot sun, their blinds are rarely up, and their roof terraces are rarely used except for drying washing. It is only us, the mad dogs and English men who sit in the sun and use these spaces as another room.

I love walking around our village and spying through the open front doors, of what often look like modest abodes lead to a warren of rooms, or large internal courtyards decorated with wonderful Spanish tiles and lush planting. What I am always amazed at is how many front doors open to very steep steps , hard to climb in the heat and for aging legs. Many of the houses here are split into two, the parents on one floor, and their children and and their families on another . Family is very important here, and I think that is why in these extraordinary times of extreme lock down, our neighbours here are so very kind and generous sharing their food and produce, in the face of separation from their own families , all of us have become their family. It is really lovely, amd much appreciated.

So back to nuestra casa. Although it is very much a white painted house, both inside and outside,( save for two turquoise painted walls, one in the sitting room, and one on the terrace that features in a previous big post), I have increasingly added more pops of colour, something that I would never do in the UK. But bright colours work well in the white, bright light, and reflect , to us, the sheer fun and enjoyment of living here. Our house is now bursting with colour, art, books, shells, local ceramics and esparto baskets, and well, the story of us and our life.

I think a home should tell you something about the people who live there, and I think our casa here in Maro does that. It evolves all the time ,as I add and edit, and thoroughly love doing so. What is more we love sharing it with our friends, and welcome many to stay during the year.

One thought on “Casa

  1. My husband a I have been so very lucky to Visit Sarah and Andrew’s beautiful home in Maro. So beautifully decorated bright with simple lines Sarah has such a super style contemporary pop with all their fabulous art they have collected! We love visiting the delightful tapas bars and sampling their treats My husbands favourite is quail eggs and chorizo bites that he adores We always have so much fun xxx


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