Turquoise Wall

We painted one of the walls on our dining terrace a bright turquoise colour and I love it. But as time goes by we have come to see just why all the houses in the village are painted a dazzling white, ( the rest of our house is of course). I am referring to the power of the hot Andalucian sun-the four (white )walls of our garden , terrace and pool are very high ,and have created an incredible sun trap. I love it , but the lemon tree struggles in the blazing sun ,it’s leaves curling to yellow in the heat of high summer, and said wall has faded so much it was almost back to white .So Andrew took to his ladder and spent a couple of hours repainting it. It’s only when you look at the photographs that you can really see how much colour had been sucked out of it by the sun.It was a good ( very hot) day for painting , so much so that he was almost ‘the naked decorator’ , and the result is splendid!

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