We have woken up to another lovely day( it’s becoming a habit!), hazy and too hot to wear proper clothes as opposed to a beach sarong that I spend most of my days wearing now. But this morning shorts were in order as we have just ventured out of the village to the big supermarket Mercadona on the edge of town, that is, after being stopped once again by the Guardia asking us where we were going, where did we live etc . People with shopping in their cars, coming the other way were hauled over to the side of the road ,whilst the Guardia checked that their till receipts to see that they matched the goods that they had bought. This has become the new ‘normal’ here.
I love a fresh fish counter/shop, and the one here always comes up trumps with a huge array of fish and seafood everyday, such as turbot, dorada, sea bass, salmón, mackerel, langoustines, calamari, clams and razor clams, as well as a whole host of stuff I have never heard of and really ought to try. The prices here are excellent so we are able to enjoy eating turbot on a regular basis. I roast it in the oven with orange and fennel. Delicious. I think the original recipe ( which I always end up tweaking), was from one of Spanish chef Jose Pizarro’s cookery books. I’m a huge fan.

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