Semana Santa

Semana Santa ,(Holy Week),is such an important week here in Spain , and even though the 17th century Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas ( our Lady of Wonders) in the the village square, a mere glimpse away from our house , will remain empty ,the bells will ring, the Maro anthem will be played through the deserted streets at 8pm tonight, and we will all be lighting a candle to put on display in our windows and balconies for Vigilia del Pascua , to celebrate the resurrection.
The more time I spend here the more I realise what a huge part the Church plays in the monthly calendar of events. It’s impossible , even if you are not religious , to not get swept away with the feeling of joy and community it engenders. The Spanish also celebrate with food and drink of course, and our dear neighbours Jose and Maria brought us a feast of typical Semana Santa dishes to the door today for our lunch , including Bacalao Frito ( fried salt cod) . So kind. Muy rico!
Our Saturday started in rather a different way though as I was determined to venture out of the village for the first time for over a month and go to the large Mercadona supermarket ten minutes drive away. The lure of the amazing fish counter was proving too much for me to resist , and I was on a mission to buy dorada and clams. But just outside the village was a road block with about six members of the armed Guardia stopping every car. They wanted to know where we were going , then I had to get out of the car and into the back seat to cries to Andrew of ‘Delante delante!’ So I had to sit behind and diagonally opposite him. Rules are rules and I applaud them. Interesting though!
I bought delicious fresh fish, two confit duck legs, a chicken to roast , a whole host of other delicious goodies and yes I got a bag of clams which we will enjoy tonight cooked in wine and garlic and parsley…

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