Another beautiful day , after a very lazy Sunday reading by the pool in the sizzling sun , I feel I should do something a little more active today.( By the way , great excitement as we had our first supper outside last night as it was still 19 degrees at 8.30!). We have had breakfast outside every day which is always a treat. So back to Monday. Swimming today and Spanish homework- yes we are home schooling too ha ha!
But I have just escaped the house to meander up the road to the chemist. The village is looking lovely with lots of flowers blooming ( check out the rather lovely orchid tree opposite our house -that’s the one with the turquoise front door).When we first moved here, it took me ages to find out what this tree was, as I had never seen one before .There are several flowering in our road.
I must say that it’s very hard to be able to spy the church and the village square from our house, ( it’s only 100 metres away) , and of course the sea, the sea, the sea, and not be able to go there. One day…

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