La Piscina

On the wall behind our swimming pool, we have a wonderful vintage metal sign, `La Piscina`. We had walked past a small derelict hotel in Calle Cruz ,near the entrance to the underground carpark in nearby Nerja many times, and I had always coveted the signage, albeit a rather grim chocolate brown colour.
It looked to me as though the buildings demise was imminent ,so I decided to investigate .I asked Alejandro who owns Autos Nerja whose office is virtually opposite, who owned the building, and he of course knew. He also reminisced about how as a child he had swam in the 1960s in said `piscina`, which was behind the hotel. Now it is a terraced area with rather smart topiary trees that form part of the Plaza Espana. Alejandro contacted the buildings owner, and indeed it was about to be pulled down, and replaced with I must say stylishly designed ( by local architect Hector Sequero) apartments , in keeping with the Spanish vernacular. I was very much aware that a sign such as this would be quite pricey at a reclaim yard in England, but I wanted it!
The price? Free to us if we took it down. I couldn`t believe my luck and dispatched our builder very quickly telling him to take a ladder.
We are thrilled with the sign , and love that we have a bit of local history at our house too. I would love a photograph of the hotel in its heyday ,but have yet to source one, and we went to thank the owner personally of course.
So Andrew painted it in our favourite turquoise colour, and our clever electrician Phil wired it up so it lights up in the darkness of the night. Its really cool we think!

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