Day 19 Lockdown

So we are on day 19 of lockdown here in Spain, and after a day and night of (almost tropical) rain ,which has made the swimming pool water almost flow overboard,we are back to blue skies, hot sun and (given to us by a neighbour) local boiled eggs for breakfast outside. We get gifts aplenty left on the doorstep- wine, eggs, avocados, potatoes and sweet pastries). Our 8pm clapping has evolved into not only that, but loud music piped from the rooftop of Miguel Valverde Muñoz house , adding singing ,dancing and many ‘oles’ ‘viva espana ‘ and ‘Viva Maro’ to the mix… jolly and moving and a chance to shriek our hellos to the neighbours. ( walks/ exercise are not allowed here). I now have a full diary of FaceTime drinks parties! We are fully booked until Sunday night with regular spots each week to certain friends. I ensure that I at least ring the changes with my earrings for these occasions! My soon to be 102 year old mother in law has discovered the joys( if not the understanding ) of Skype and she talks to us from her care home ,locked down bedroom in Surrey. She is most concerned about the cost of such calls and yesterday said,’ are the Spanish government paying for these calls?’…
I am on book ten with a fully loaded kindle, and Andrew is working each day on new coastal drawings featuring seaside places around the UK. But for now the pool and the sun beckons.

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