Day 14 Lockdown

 Sitting on the terrace in the sun . Very strict here ,the latest thing is that the benches in the square now have policía tape on them , so you cannot sit down if you walk your dog. No long dog walks here just in and out, and one person only. The clapping and music are getting louder each night at 8pm when we all go to our front doors or balconies even if we are in the middle of supper.. it is very cheering and moving. We feel privileged to be part of this village. We are fortunate that we have a garden , terraces and a pool else we would go stir crazy, and we have fresh food and wine aplenty . We don’t have to ask for bread in the village shop anymore, Luz automatically hands Andrew two barra de gallega every morning-fresh and hot from the oven. Excitement today as we have bought clams, dorada and rodaballo( turbot)! But the shop in town has run out of Cadbury’s mini eggs. A not so Happy Easter! Andrew has made strawberry jam, learnt how to hoover the pool( with help via FaceTime from our regular pool/garden and general all time good guy Rafael Pozo) , and I still haven’t managed the art of ironing a fitted sheet!!! Totally useless. We are grateful to be in this lovely , so far, safe village in southern Spain with the best people ever living around us. We miss Tom ( who is in Burnham Market working remotely there), and our friends , and Harry , and worry about ailing parents in care homes. We crave sea and beach life , and miss the community here and early doors in the bar in the square, and now have a full diary of FaceTime drinks get togethers…we will be here for many weeks.

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